Start with 2000


German technology, quality assurance

Ciiler aims to build a leading shower and sink with first-class quality design, technology and production. From the beginning, the brand has practiced three core values - avant-garde, personalized and excellence - which has become the pronoun of innovation, high requirements and personalized bathroom design. Developed by famous designers, Ciller products have won many design awards.


Leading the progress and trend

Pioneering research and development of new design and innovative technology: Ciiler leads the trend of bathroom design. Shanghai Hiller kitchen and bathroom Co., Ltd. established the Ciiler brand. Its remarkable achievements include in-depth development of water design, water conservation and skin friendly experience. Ciiler adopts Interdisciplinary Design and innovation. The brand cooperates with designers, architects and interior designers.

Products with personality

For many years, Ciiler has been representing the personalized bathroom and kitchen design. With an amazing product line (currently more than 2,00 products), which shows different styles from classic, modern to avant-garde, yason architects, interior designers and high demand end customers work together to show their personality. Exclusive surface brings the possibility of personalized design. Ciiler's vision is to meet the personalized vision of all people who are looking for truly unique products.


Incomparable from all angles

Ciiler pursues perfection. In every detail. In the design, planning and production of leading, shower, sink, accessories and spare parts products. As a brand of Shanghai Hiller kitchen and bathroom company, Ciiler enjoys Years of professional knowledge in bathroom industry. As a master of high technology and handicrafts, every circle series, combination and single product shows the brand philosophy: express life, zero touch Exquisite life, zero touch.